Once again, I am back to the weekly updates. Getting into a routine really helps with everything, and being settled adds to the routine.

All men by nature desire knowledge


I’ve fallen back in love with security. My involvement in the security industry through my formal employment has been great, but has not touched on the security aspects I’ve loved for years.

Over the past week, I decided to set up a VPN to a server I have to make sure communication is secure. This started becoming an issue when I was logging onto public wifi and having to do banking, purchases, etc. With my own VPN, this problem is mitigated.

I also bought a Yibukey which is great. I’ll be using it for my password manager, as well as to store some sensitive static data.

There is so much to learn, in security and generally, so I’ll probably be spending some time weekly on learning more about best practices. As fun as this is, banking and my current list of where my time is spent leaves little for exploration. The great thing though is that a few hours work makes a massive difference in your personal security profile.


I’ve put thought into the banking project, but no development. I’ve had interest from developers looking to get involved in the project in a development capacity which has spurred me onto doing research into what should be the next phase of development.

I am looking for the answer to: “If this was to be used in a production environment in X months, what would need to happen?”. I’ve been working on that answer, and should have something to share during this week.

It’s great to have interest from developers around the world in something you’ve spent time and energy on, and enough for them to spend their time and energy on. Hopefully the project will continue to interest developers and provide value to the industry.


  • Have been using YNAB for budgeting. Highly recommend.
  • Been looking at vertical mouse and narrow mechanical keyboards. One day I’ll bite the bullet and give this a shot.
  • Loving living at the Leeds Dock. Really loving the vibe here.
  • Started meditating daily again. Already a noticeable difference in perception, focus and more.
  • I’m watching a great anime on Netflix called Ajin, which is where the quote above is from.


Hopefully I’ll be able to add another post or two this week. This week I aim to break the banking project down in line with the goals above, read more and get a little more productive.