It’s been so long since the last post it got to the point of awkwardness, “How do I reintroduce myself? Should it be a weekly update?”. The past six months have had some interesting developments.

End of an era

At the top of the list is the most recent development, I have left my previous employer CSG and am now a free man (or “unpaid” man depending on your view). The last three or so years have been a hell of a ride with wild swings and peak/valleys. After loads of thought I decided to move forward onto new things - there is so much opportunity in London for great software work to be done.

For the next while I’ll be doing a mix of contracting and project work. It’s the first time I haven’t had an employee salary, but looking forward to the flexibility and being able to build interesting products.

If you’re looking for a developer/architect/PM get in touch and let’s chat!


I’ve really picked up the reading and am moving quickly through some great books. I’ll be doing some high level book reviews on the ones I really enjoyed, which including such exciting titles as:


I’ve delved into the crypto currency world again. With the recent bubble and the general direction/position of the cryptocurrency world, it’s looking like there is some solidification in where this will all sit in years to come. I am currently trying to get a fork to build with a genesis block in order to spin up kylecoin so we’ll see how that goes. Surprisingly it seems like it was easier to do this a few years ago than it is now.

Programming posts

In the interests of continual skill development I will be reading more programming books and doing more blog posts on programming/software development topics. In the programming library I have:

I fell in love with software development books when I invested a few days getting through Ansible For DevOps and it changed my programming life. The time invested in that has already paid of 100 fold, so I figured if I could similar returns from other books it would be well worth my time.


There are a couple of projects that I’ve now started that should to light in the next few months which I am super excited about. That, coupled with reading, Headspace and running sets the next while up nicely.