The weekly updates have been sorely lacking lately. It’s been a busy period, and the main driver has been getting settled in to a new location - London.

Move to London

Over the last few weeks I’ve been organising a move to London with my girlfriend. Getting the place in Leeds rented, finding a place in London, settling all the fees, packing and finally moving has been pretty time consuming. As of yesterday we have spent one week in our awesome new apartment in London, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now that I am London, I plan to push harder on the banking project by getting feedback from the specific parties, namely banks (and other potential users) and investors. Getting insight from these two groups of people should help guide the project.

London will also provide a lot more to do due to the innumerable activities here as well as having a lot more friends this side. Come at me social life.

Banking project

The banking project has also come a long way since the last post. The bulk of the work has been focused on the backend and implementation of features. Broadly, these features are:

  • Multiple accounts per user
  • Merchant accounts
  • Scoping for different types of accounts, including credit

I’ll write a separate post going into the particulars of the above.

Overall, really happy with the progress on the project. Now that there is more of a schedule this side development and blogging will be more frequent.

In addition to development, loads of research has been done into the market currently. This included basic assumptions (does the market need this product) to requirements (what functionality is preferred). I’ve spent quite a few hours each week going through data and getting a clearer picture of the landscape.


A non-exhaustive list of other happenings:


This week looks good - some interesting challenges in dayJob, banking project developments, exercise, enjoying London.