The past few weeks have gone by quickly. dayJob is staying steady and side project development is picking up really nicely.

Banking project

Over the past while I’ve put more thought into the project and how to take it forward. These sessions are pretty important, I’m trying to weigh the place in the market and how this project could have the best impact. This is for everything from deployment to functionality. Slowly but surely those answers are getting clearer and I’ll be developing around them.

This past weekend I did some great work. There’s quite a few improvements on transactions, adding descriptions, geo coords, and emoji support. Adding this meta will go a long way in getting some interesting and rich data. The geo library I used also looks really cool, so once there is more data we can do some great analytics.

I also reskinned the mobile application and it’s looking so sick. Once I’ve done the main application pages I’ll do a full post on it. The app is getting to a point where it will be ready for the apple/play store, so working towards that.

Digital detox

A while ago I took 12 hours out of a Saturday to have nothing to do with digital media - no cell phone, no TV and no computer. I wanted to see if it affected me in any way, and if it was something I should spend time looking into. The results were really something.

Having no distractions, background noise or something to fill the gaps led to a very quiet mind. I honestly felt like I was in a meditative state for most of the day. My mind was clear and incredibly relaxed. I am keen to keep this up, so will incorporate 6 to 9 hours a week of this time.


Because I don’t work in Go everyday I feel like I’m getting better at it only very slowly. I found an online source Exercism which I am going to be picking up again. I’ll aim to do a few a week, just to continually improve my skill set in Go and in programming generally.


  • Meditating every day and feeling good
  • Reading “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. Really loving this so far
  • Planning some adventure in the next few months now that I have settled down
  • Trying to see if I can fit study into schedule with work/project/gf/life
  • Learning some great things through crypto books and courses


Work on the banking project is moving forward nicely with some interesting things on the horizon. I’m looking forward to the next few months generally.

The next week will have some banking work, getting back to gym daily and finally getting stuff from SA shipped.