It’s been a long while since I’ve last posted anything. This has been due mainly to me moving countries, so is at least more understandable. Since the last update, a number of things have happened with the largest and most interesting having to do with moving countries (and everything associated with that), banking discoveries, banking interest, and settling down.

Moving countries

By far the most time and energy consuming exercise has been moving countries. Planning the move, executing on all the necessities, saying goodbyes and hellos, and finding feet on new soil. The move was vastly aided by my awesome girlfriend who has helped me with a place to stay, a friendly face and generally making sure I’m happy and healthy.

Moving is no joke, and moving across continents even more (less?) so. The visa I received is for five years so everything is indefinite at this stage. I’m keen on visiting SA, but also keen on exploring England as well as Europe and more. Being this side makes travelling so much easier.

This weekend I moved into an awesome apartment in Leeds Dock and I couldn’t be more stoked. The place is awesome and includes a second room which I’ll be using as an office space. One of the big reasons I chose Leeds was the lifestyle value for money you get here. For what I am paying here now I’d be able to afford a 25m2 place in Zone 23 in London. Don’t get me wrong, I love London, it’s just kak expensive.

From here on out I’ll be settling down and finalising getting set up. Getting into routine again is going to be great so I’m really getting excited for that.


After getting the visa on my own merit (as in not in conjunction with any employer) I decided to see if I could stay with my current company because the work is great, and I’m happy with colleagues and the product. We managed to make a plan so that also helped in making the transition nice and easy. All in all, looking forward to moving forward together.

Banking project

Progress on the banking project hasn’t stopped, just gone offline a bit. A lot of research has happened and have finally found a clear path on how one would become a bank thanks to the Bank Of England. I will be reading their documentation thoroughly to see what all is required and what steps need to be taken. It’s by far and large the most insight I have received into how to start a bank.

For those interested, you can read more about it over at their website.

Interest from developers and more has led to some pretty interesting collaboration possibilities. I’m really excited about what this could lead to, so will actively be working towards that.

The banking project is going strong, with the latest research we now have a clear path forward which is incredibly exciting. I’ll be sure to get back on track this week with this, as well as posting more often once again.


  • I got decently through the book on Genghis Khan and then the move began. I’ll try and pick this up soon again, it was a really interesting read.
  • Primal Gym looks great, excited to start there proper this week
  • A bit disappointed there is no fiber in the area I am in. Apparently it’s coming October. For now ~60mbps will have to do 🤓
  • Excited to get back into difficult programming once more, really missed it
  • Got a super badass light alarm clock which my girlfriend and I have been enjoying. Loving the mood after waking up “naturally”


Hopefully the weekly posts will be weekly once more. With everything settled down, this week I’m looking forward to setting a routine, daily exercise, daily bank work and lots of enjoyment.