The last week and a half has been interesting and fairly admin heavy, so that’s what I am blaming the delayed post on.

As part of the admin life process, I’ve been looking into reasons for study, the banking project, exciting companies in the fintech space, the software environment in London, Docker, React and more programming. It’s been pretty introspective but rewarding.


In the search for expanding my skillset, I’ve decided on React as a front end framework. It’s really close to javascript proper and seems to be really well structured. I’ve generally had difficulty with JS frameworks as they are so far removed from the software I am used to. React seems to be the most sane framework to learn and I’m pretty excited to knuckle down.


As part of the process above, I’ve decided to look into Go deeply. It’s by far the most exciting language I’ve learned and I genuinely enjoy programming in it. As a first move into this, I have started writing my first Go package, an API for the Visa Developer service. There’s loads of work to be put in and lots to learn, and I’m really happy with the progress so far.


While I am building the package above, I am using a Test-Driven Development approach. So far, I am loving it. It really brings clarity to a project and a different approach which I have found immensely beneficial. Go has great support built in for testing, so it’s been a pretty small learning curve. Go wins again.

London and Leeds

I am heading to London on Friday which I am incredibly excited about. I’ll be meeting quite a few cool people there from various companies, seeing loads of friends, having some down time and seeing my incredible girlfriend. After London, I’ll be heading to Leeds and hopefully do some trips to York and Harrogate again.


I’ve seriously been considering contracting as a vocation in years to come. I’m happy with my current work situation, but thinking that down the line it would be good to either contract or build a SAAS-like business, or both. If anyone has experience in this or can provide insight let me know.


  • Super stoked on the Visa package I’ve started.
  • Finished Elements of Graphic Design, it was a fascinating read.
  • Got half way through The Creative Habit. It was a fairly trying read and I didn’t enjoy it that much, wouldn’t recommend.
  • I’ve started diving into Docker (again). It’s a lot more polished than the last time I looked two years or so ago.
  • The latest Kindle update is beautiful. Honestly, the UI and UX update is a game changer, feels like I bought a new Kindle.
  • I deleted the FB mobile app (kept messenger) and battery is around 20% better every day. It’s incredible.
  • Started boxing/kung-fu training again. Loving it.


I’ll make sure to get back to weekly posts from next week, hopefully adding in some smaller tech centric posts. If you’re in London or Leeds and keen to chat about tech, give me a shout.