Over the past two weeks I’ve delved deeper into the banking project, played around with electronics and gone trail running.

dayJob is returning to some normalcy and I’m liking it. Having a routine when there is a distributed team is super important, and after setting out a guide we are finally back on a decent track. Really looking forward to tackling some of the harder problems.

Banking project

I’ve spent a lot of time looking into two things reagrding the banking project:

  • Current solutions
  • Ethereum

This warrants a separate post, but it’s pretty interesting to have finally been guided to some open source implementations of various payment standards and core banking functionality. I’ll be poring over the documentation and code to get a better understanding of what functionality is offered and how it is implemented.

Another avenue I am also looking at is the Ethereum ecosystem. They’ve done some really interesting stuff and the project allows for a massive scope in application which is half the problem. As I am making my way through examples, integration code and programming code I am getting a clearer picture. It might well be worth investigating this as a possible integration into the banking project. It might serve well to have this replace or compliment core functionality.


I’ve been playing around with electronics again after a long while off. I’m busy building a watch/guidance system/compass according to a tutorial and am almost done. I’ll then extend it to get to my end goal of a functional guidance system according to some additional parameters. Once that is done, I’ll start looking at external storage and apps.

I’m a big fan of Humble Bundle and this morning they release an electronics bundle which is awesome. I’m excited to get more involved.

For now electronics is a hobby more than a serious development exercise, but I’ve always wanted to build something in the real world. I think the world is heading that way, so learning about electronics now is a way to preempt that time. It’s also loads of fun.


I am headed to London this weekend, from tomorrow until Sunday. If you want to meet up for a chat let me know. Looking forward to being that side for a few days.


  • Started reading some interesting books on the Deep Web
  • Daily exercise is a must
  • Spotify is introducing me to the best bands, loving the service
  • Learning more about securing servers, and general security best practices


In the next week or so, the aim is to look into the existing banking solutions, Ethereum, read, read and read.