And so another weekly cycle finishes. The past seven days or so have been productive, and I now sit ready to take on the USA for six months.

Banking project

I finally got some work done on the banking project. I pushed the project live onto a publicly accessible server, and finished implementing the iOS app. The app now sits at functional prototype stage, which is awesome. I learned a fair amount implementing the table lists, tabs and error handling. I think I might start to really enjoy app development, and I’m already thinking of some cool projects.

Clothing project

For my side side project of creating an active wear t-shirt for trail (and road) running, I also made some decent progress. The fabric has been ordered, the labels have also been ordered, and the appointment with the seamstress/designer/patternmaker has been made. All the material should arrive by next week, and then we are headed to New York to get the sample done and do some touristing. This is turning out to be a fun side project.


I am currently in the airport waiting to board for destination USA. This time I will be there for six months, doing more training and helping out with a variety of other functions. I’m really looking forward to it, and am planning on doing some cool stuff both for work and outside of it.


  • The house sale seems to be going well, so we’ll hopefully have that put through in a week or two.
  • I have been consistent with the working out which has been awesome. I’ve rediscovered my love for running (it wasn’t that hard, it took literally a single run), and am now doing 9/10km runs. In addition I am also doing weight work which feels fantastic.
  • I just replaced my Bose earphones with the Soundsport. Mine were getting really old, and I’ve had them for 4 years - it was time.
  • I attended my good friends Ryan and Ang wedding reception, great to see them again and looking forward to seeing them in the UK early March.
  • I’ve been getting loads of spam. Lesson: Always use privacy on .com domains.
  • There were some credits on my Audible account I didn’t even know about, so downloaded Born To Run and Finding Ultra. Look forward to listening to them on my journey. Side note: audible books >> text books on planes/buses.
  • Invested in one of those neck pillows, I think it’s already paid for itself.
  • Turns out I will randomly be bumping into my girlfriend in the Dubai airport - massive coincidence, super happy about that.
  • Snuck in some Conscious 108 goodness before I left. Love that place.
  • I’m still super tempted to secure that Drakensberg land once the house sale has gone through, will do a proper analysis once everything has settled.


Good week, better week ahead. Looking forward to getting settled in that side, and seeing what the states is all about for real. From initial experience, I definitely would not be against making a move there some time.

While all this travel is awesome, I am definitely going to miss my friends, family and beautiful South Africa.