Another week goes by. The States is still fun, and I’m getting more used to working from here.

Banking project

I managed to get some work done on the banking project. I spent quite a while designing the new look and feel, and then implementing that look on the mobile app. Coming from a web perspective Swift has some intricacies around doing styling, but it was pretty easy to pick up.

In the end, I’m stoked with the direction of the design and will continually polish it up. You can read the full post here.

I’m pretty happy where the project sits at the moment, so will look into push notifications, documentation, and expanding some functionality.

I’m considering implementing an HTTP REST API over the server and implementing an OAuth provider. I’ll sit and consider the benefits over the next week.


It seems this week is filled mainly with miscellaneous news. Some of the bigger events that happened have to wait before being announced.

  • Started reading Elements of Graphic Design which I am enjoying. Really good to get insight into a world I know little about.
  • Added a little spice to mainly for fun.
  • Opted to not do touristy stuff this weekend so I could work/study/do admin.
  • Considering doing another weekend project, this time around writing long form articles.
  • Really looking forward to the trip to the UK in two weeks.
  • Have been doing some interesting stuff at work outside of my normal scope which has been difficult and interesting.
  • Sold the house which I am super stoked about.
  • One Piece is the best show hands down.


I’m really looking forward to the coming weeks, increasingly things seem to be falling into place. Broadly the plan is to study, work on the banking project, and to keep pushing forward.