The last week was largely spent travelling and adjusting to another time zone. Some good work has been done on the banking project and a path laid.

Banking Project

I’ve decided to take a small step back and draw up an ideal architecture for the bank. Over the weekend I drew up exactly what I would like the bank to do in the first two years. This functionality included:

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Regulatory adherence
  • Peer to peer lending

The architecture of the platform should support all of the above.

Additionally, I’ve been looking into creating a quasi-blockchain using RethinkDB and a Merkle Tree. I’ll detail all of this in a post this coming week.

I’m also starting to explore the idea of funding the banking project. This would mean taking in seed funding in order to become a full, licensed bank, aiming to reach profitability within two years.


I spent 21 hours on planes and then a day or two adjusting to the new time zone. I’m super happy my jet lag was not nearly as bad as last time when it took me a full week to get back into normal. I think I’m slowly getting used to travelling a lot, and I’ll be doing a decent amount in the coming months between time zones seven hours apart. Time to get used to it.


  • I’ll be looking into React Native for the banking project’s apps. Very attractive option.
  • I wrote a really well received article on the Tier 1 visa.
  • Found an awesome gym close to my house, stoked to continue the exercise.
  • Slowly getting back into reading. Almost done with the first Go book.


The coming week will largely be focused on the banking project with the points mentioned above. I’ll also be following up with some leads in the prepaid cards space. Overall, happy to be back in SA for a while.