A big focus of the past two weeks has been on the banking project, if for nothing else than to keep momentum. As it turns out, keeping momentum has led to continued and valuable development.

Bank project

There are two things happening on the banking project right now. The first is tightening up the project and working around the unknowns, which at this stage are the integration. I’ve relegated those to the endpoints so other development can take place. A part of this was changing the password storage which feels a lot more solid.

The second is thinking about the project as a whole. I’m really keen to move more fully into a distributed model for the project. I want the software to be usable by a single bank in one or many territory and many banks in one or many territories. I’ve started the whitepaper on it and have written my thoughts which give a high level overview of the project.

Overall, happy to be making a lot of progress. I’ve also spoken to more than half a dozen organisations and individuals on working together to get access to data, insight into the cryptography, and more.


I’m already fairly familiar with cryptography, but some of the functionality I want to implement uses more than basic cryptography. To get up to speed with this sector I’ve started reading a few books:

I’ll be making my way through these over the next month or so, and working on some software implementations of the material.

I’m probably a bit too excited to dive into this sector. Crypto has been an interest of mine for as long as I have been a programmer, and now I feel the timing is right to do a deep dive.


  • I had a great London visit. Met with Tyler to catch up, and with some good friends.
  • Got a subscription to Crunchyroll. Danger.
  • Watched Legend. Really an amazing movie.
  • Got a Suunto Ambit 3 and am so stoked.


I will once more aim for a weekly update. The next week looks like more of the same, namely banking and cryptography. 🎉🔐💸