Six days ago I launched the Coronavirus COVID19 data API. I wanted to have easy access to an API that would provide granular detail in an easy to consume JSON format. I couldn’t find one, so I spent a few hours putting one together. I “launched” the site through two posts on Reddit, a few tweets and a LinkedIn post.

API Usage Stats

Since then usage has skyrocketed. Last night, the total requests hit over 1,000,000. These are the stats as they stand right now:

I’ve started logging the number of API requests and totals at a 30 minute interval, but these are the daily usage totals leading up to today (with an estimate for the end of today):

I expect these numbers to keep increasing based on this trend. While I don’t know who is using the API, other than people who have directly reached out and let me know, the assumption is that as more applications get built the API usage will keep increasing as they move in to production, and those applications themselves gain traction.

Side note: The API has run on a 3 CPU, 1GB RAM box with zero issues. During peak times the CPU usage will reach 1% total, with the import data runs using around 30% CPU for 5 minutes. Thank you Go.

Website Stats

The website has seen decent traffic too, especially considering the lack of advertising:

I also expect this to increase as more people find out about the API.

New Features

I am busy looking at how to improve the API. Currently I am investigating:

  • Adding more granular datasets (infection on a case by case level)
  • Adding more real time data (sub-30 minute intervals)
  • Statistical information (rate of increase, etc)

I am also continually improving the system’s stability. This was put together in a few hours, with not much more in total since, and is now under heavy use. As people rely more on the API, I need to ensure that it is solid.


I’m currently looking at how to better support the users of the API with better and frequent data, more functionality and improved documentation.

I’m really happy that the API has been used so much. I wanted to do what I could to help with the Coronavirus, and all I know is tech, so at least this is a way to be productive and helpful. If you have feature ideas or need assistance please reach out to me.