After many years at, I've finally taken the plunge and bought It feels like the right time, and the price finally made sense. I plan to do a few things with the website along with the change.

New look

If you've seen my previous website, you'll notice that there is a brand-spanking new look on this one with a host of new features. Search, recommended articles, and tag listing are just some of the more prominent features.


I've added subscriber functionality so readers can be notified of any new posts. I don't have any immediate plans to charge for memberships for certain content, but this could happen down the line. For now, it's a way for anyone interested to be kept up to date. So feel free to subscribe using the form below this post 😃


The focus of this blog will be very similar, that is: software, finance and some splash of politics. At the same time, I plan to start going deeper in to the business aspect of software and product development. I have done a few posts before on this topic which people have found valuable, so expect more of that type of content.

In addition I'll be adding more detail on my side projects, ways of learning and other things I find interesting.


So feel free to subscribe if you this sounds interesting to you, and if you have any feedback you can reach out to me.