I am looking for an app to be built in SwiftUI. The app needs to only be built for iOS at the moment.

The idea of the app is to easily and quickly save digital notes from physical books. You are reading a book and find a quote you want to save. Instead of underlying in the book, you take the app out, take a picture, select the text and save it.

The number of actions taken to get a note saved should be as little as possible: open app, click “new note”, take photo, accept image, select text/save.

The functionality for the first version is:

  • Saving a note (as described above)
  • Adding and listing books
  • Listing and viewing notes
  • Searching through notes
  • Subscriptions using In-App Purchases
  • Syncing of notes to iCloud (can be done through CloudKit)
  • The OCR should happen on device using Vision or other on-device ML


  • There must be good OCR to get the characters from the picture of the page. This must be done on device. Only needs to be printed books in English for now.
  • There needs to be a custom text selection done after the text has been read, the same way Kindle text is highlighted.
  • There must be subscriptions. This should include all the requirements around subscriptions (e.g. restore subscription).
  • There should be a trial period of number of notes before a subscription is required.
  • There must be syncing to the cloud - no servers should be required. There are no user profiles.
  • Ideally this would also be cross-platform using SwiftUI, available for desktop at least for viewing and searching notes and books.

This is a well-scoped project and completed designs are available as well as more detail. If you are interested, please contact me. In your response, please include:

  • Estimated time to get this built.
  • Estimated cost.